Dating a supermodel

What's It Like to Date a Super Model - Altucher Confidential Leonardo Di Caprio, who is still a bachelor and is turning 40, is a perennial dater of models. Both men are considered handsome hunks almost universally, but models don't always go for fellow famous dudes who are as attractive as or prettier than they are. Question what's it like to date a supermodel Answer by an anonymous user on Quora There are a lot of interesting aspects to it, and I'm sure my experience is.

So, You Wanna Date A Supermodel? GQ He was married to Christie Brinkley forever, and he reveals he once had a date with Brinkley and then a date with another model, the lovely Elle Macpherson, that same day. Joel is not the only male celeb who serially dates supermodels, though. Adriana Lima** tells _GQ_ exactly what it takes. **PLUS Adriana in a sexy behind-the-scenes video and more photos**

How To Date A Supermodel Men's Health While the singer's new "authorized biography" details some of the unsavory stuff of his spectacular life, like a suicide attempt, it also reveals that he has a predilection for dating supermodels. Want to date waaaaaaay out of your league? Tanit Phoenix was kind enough to let us in on a few secrets.

Dating a supermodel:

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