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Hara's agency denies she's dating G-Dragon According to reports, the 4 stars were recently seen having a good time at Lotte World, an amusement park in Korea. Feb 3, 2017. Hara's agency KeyEast denied she's dating G-Dragon on February 3. Rumors about the former KARA member and B Bang leader sprung up.

KARA's Hara & B2ST's Junhyung confirmed to be in a. - Allkpop It's claimed that the man on the left with his face covered is G-Dragon. Jun 28, 2011. KARA's Hara and B2ST's Junhyung have been revealed to be dating!On June 28th, Cube Entertainment announced, "They had a senior/ junior.

Netizens are saying that Hara is a Sulli-wannabe According to fans, his phone case is proof of his identity. KNETZ interpretation: aww , he's missing Kiko , hang in there oppa! The last one takes the cake, it's so stupid that I really LOL...:) Have a good day everyone. Jul 10, 2017. On July 10, Hara shared a selca of her and a Sphynx cat on Instagram. A post. Netizens have been talking about Hara's Sulli-wannabe acts since the start of her. But maybe they're sending subtle sns that they're dating.

Rapper Swings confirms he's dating model Lim Bo Ra GD posing with a girl : KNetz: wow, are they together now?? GD giving 'gifts' to co-celebrities while away from home. ; GD allegedly ( since it's not confirmed) with a of female idols , Kn Etz interpretation: He's making Taeyeon, jealous. Apr 25, 2017. Rapper Swings has confirmed he's dating model Lim Bo Ra. Rumors that Swings has been dating an unnamed model have been swirling since.

G-dragon and Sulli is dating for real~~~ allkpop Forums SEE ALSO: Lee Jung Hyun says she was aware of co-star Song Joong Ki's relationship prior to public announcement Hyeri said, "It's funny because we can see things when we go to programs with a lot of idols." Yura added, "There are so many people there and I come to think that there must be at least 10 couples." In fact, 'Idol Star Atetic Championship' is rumored to be the 'it' dating spot among idols. Yeah at first I can't really believe this rumor but it's getting like they're dating for sure when I watched Hara's live .gd watched it but.

Netizens give mixed reactions toward Hara and Sulli's kiss. - Allkpop Rumors say that idols exchange love notes during the event. Mar 29, 2017. At Sulli's birthday party, best friends Hara and Sulli kissed on the lips. The two. "It looks like they'll come out bisexual soon", "Are they dating.

UEE and Kangnam admit they've recently started dating! Regarding this, Hyeri commented, "There can be someone's ex and an ex-ex boyfriend and everyone."Yura added that she saw idols exchanging flirty eyes. Jul 14, 2017. After causing quite the stir with their dating rumors, idol-turned actress UEE 29 and singer Kangnam 30 have confirmed that they've recently.

Hara - Artist Tag allkpop Hyeri further explained, "But the love doesn't happen at that spot. Hara uploads and immediately deletes a photo of her 'tasty' rolled up carette. Netizens. Hara's agency KeyEast denied she's dating G-Dragon on February 3.

<strong>Hara</strong>'s agency denies she's <strong>dating</strong> G-Dragon
KARA's <i>Hara</i> & B2ST's Junhyung confirmed to be in a. - <i>Allkpop</i>
Netizens are saying that <strong>Hara</strong> is a Sulli-wannabe
Rapper Swings confirms he's <strong>dating</strong> model Lim Bo Ra
G-dragon and Sulli is <i>dating</i> for real~~~ <i>allkpop</i> Forums
Netizens give mixed reactions toward <strong>Hara</strong> and Sulli's kiss. - <strong>Allkpop</strong>
UEE and Kangnam admit they've recently started <strong>dating</strong>!
<i>Hara</i> - Artist Tag <i>allkpop</i>

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